Bedroom lighting ideas Quakertown Electrician

Thinking of redesigning a bedroom? Here are some ideas on how you may want to light your room.

1. Ceiling Fan with Light

This is obviously a popular choice because of the dual purpose. Having one fixture that provides light and keeps the room cool is a very practical choice. They are many different styles to choose from.  Our recommendation: buy a fan that comes with a remote control.

2. Old fashioned floor lamps.  

If you don’t already have a light fixture installed and currently do not want to get into a electrical project, this is a great option. Again, the styles are endless. Picking out a floor lamp can be a lot of fun! Our recommendation: If you are using the lamp mostly for reading, get a lamp with an adjustable head. If you are using the lamp the mainly provide light for the room, choose a floor lamp with the bulb  facing upward.

3. Chandeliers 

A Chandelier can bring so much beauty and character to a bedroom. However, these work best with higher ceilings. Our recommendation: Go with a more simple smaller fixture rather than a traditionally large one.  Pick a chandelier that casts a soft moderate light. Some chandeliers can be very bright that may be too much for a relaxing bedroom.

4. Recessed lighting.

This is personally my favorite! You can space out these lights to make it bright as you desire. Plus, they work on both high and low ceilings. It has a very clean, contemporary look. And you can get a remote control for them. (We have one in our bedroom). Our recommendation: Get a good dimmer along with these lights. And do not forgot the closets: recessed lighting is great for small spaces too!

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5. Bedside lights

Everyone needs a bedside light, right? Of course there is the famous bedside lamps. They are great if you have an adequate nightstand space. Bedside lamps are cheap and can be very pretty. If you do not have much space or want to eliminate clutter, consider wall sconces. They look really nice and helps free up space. We had them in our living room for light reading at night. Our recommendation: Get a wall sconce with adjustable arms for reading. Make sure the fixture is reachable from your bed to adjust.

We are happy to install any kind of bedroom light fixture. We give out free estimates if you are considering new lighting.