Electrical Inspections tips Quakertown Electrician

Electrical Inspections tips

It’s that time of the year: real estate sales start going up and home projects start again. Maybe you are thinking of buying or selling a house. Or perhaps you may be adding an addition. There are times when an electrical inspection may be needed.

However, here are some electrical inspection tips. Here is a checklist on things you can check yourself and hire to get fixed before you hire an inspector.

Electrical Inspections tips Quakertown Electrician

Electrical Inspections tips Quakertown Electrician

1. Smoke Alarms

This an easy one. Simply, do the smoke alarms work? Is there a smoke alarms in both upstairs and downstairs? Some cities require you have one in each bedroom as well. You can call your city or look on the website to find out their smoke detector requirements.

2. Electrical Panels

Here are some things to observe:

  • Does it have a cover?
  • Do any of the breaker feel loose or warm?
  • Are there burn or charred marks?
  • Does the panel as a whole look damaged?
  • Make sure it doesn’t contain outdated fuses

3. Outlets

First, check the outlets that are near wet areas such as the kitchen or the bathrooms. Are those outlets a GFCI (which is what you will need). Next, make sure all your outlets–and switches– have covers. If you see burn marks near any outlets, you have a problem.

4. Wires

This may be obvious, but make sure you don’t have any loose wires hanging from the ceiling or other places in the house. However, don’t forget the check the outside. If you have any overhead wires that connect to the home, make sure your tree branches are cleared from these wires.

This is just a basic list that you can quickly go over yourself to decide if you need to hire an electrician before hiring the home inspection. If you need some electrical services or want an electrical take a look at you home, feel free to contact us.

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