The benefits of recessed lighting – Quakertown Electrician

The Benefits of Recessed Lighting

Benefits of recessed lighting

Benefits of recessed lighting – Quakertown Electrician

by Zach Shaw/ Zebra Electric Inc/ Quakertown Electrician

Recessed lighting is becoming more common and many customers request them to be installed. Recessed lights are an attractive form of lighting that is installed flush on a flat surface such as the ceiling. So, what is the benefits of recessed lighting? Is it worth switching over your lighting to recessed lights? Here are some benefits to consider:

  • It creates more room.  Say good-bye to plug in lamps. You won’t have lamps taking up the space. Furthermore, you won’t have lights hanging down from the ceiling. This makes a room look a little bigger.
  • It is great for low ceilings. In low ceilings in where you have to worry about whether a light fixture will hang too low (you don’t want to worry about hitting your head), recessed lighting is a great alternative.
  • It is perfect for shower stalls. Recessed lights are the only light that can be installed in the water-intensive environment.
  • Better light and room coverage.  If arranged and installed correctly, recessed lights can really add light value to your room and light it evenly.
  • They are lightweight. Recessed wall and ceiling lights light enough that they do not have to be secured directly to ceiling joists or wall studs. They need very little support, which gives you more options in where to place them.

They come in different colors so there are options to choose from when you are interior decorating a room. Recessed lights really bring a really nice, clean look to a room.

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