Do I need to upgrade my electrical panel?-Quakertown Electrician

Do I need to upgrade my Electrical Panel?

There are many reasons on why you should upgrade an electrical panel.

Here is a quick list to determine on whether you may need an upgrade: Image result for electric panel

  • Your electrical panel is old – Electrical panels generally have a life span of 25-40 years. If you lived in your house for over 25 years and have not upgraded or just moved into an older home, it may be time to replace your electrical panel. If your panel still have fuses, you need an upgrade.
  • Your circuit breakers trip regularly –  Older panels are more sensitive to power surges. Also, you may have more appliances now than when the panel was installed. Your panel may need to upgrade to a higher amp.
  • Lights are flickering or dimming – This can be a sign that your electrical panel is failing
  • Your appliances aren’t running on full power – Again, this may be a sign that your panel needs an amp upgrade.
  • You panel smells – If you smell a burning smell, you could be at risk for an electrical fire.
  • Do you use many power strips? Upgrading your panel may be ideal
  • Your insurance requires it – Some homeowner’s insurance have requirements for electrical panels in ordered to get the correct coverage.
  • You are doing a home renovation This may be a great time to upgrade. Especially if you are doing an addition and added more appliances.

If you are not sure if you need an electrical panel upgrade in the Quakertown or surrounding area, feel free to contact us. We can give you a free estimate.