Why does a Circuit Breaker keep tripping – Quakertown Electrician

It happens to all of us: once in a while the circuit breaker trips. What if it happens again and again? Why does a circuit breaker keep tripping? There are a few reasons on why this may be happening:


  • Overloads.  This is the most likely cause and what your electrician will probably investigate first.  That means you’re running too many heavy power consuming devices at the same time on the same circuit. Breakers have a  limit of power to supply to your appliances and home. If this is exceeded, (you have a 15 amp circuit but has 20 amp of electricity running through it); the breaker will trip.
  • Short circuiting.  This is more dangerous than an overload. What is happening is that a hot wire is touching or having contact with another hot or neutral wire. Check your outlets. If you see blackening around the outlet or smell burning, you are experiencing short circuiting.  Short circuiting happens for many reasons such as a loose connection or incorrect wiring.  Do not attempt to mess around with your outlet at all. Leave the breaker tripped, and call in an electrician right away.


  • Ground fault. This is almost like short circuiting. Instead of the hot wire touching another hot wire, this time the hot wire is touching a ground wire or the metal outlet box. The grounding of that outlet is no longer effective and is considered dangerous. Again, don’t try to fix, call a professional.


  • Appliance failure. Sort of like an overload, the problem is specifically the appliance rather than having too many running at the same time. The appliance can be faulty or damaged and draw more power than it should causing an overload. If your breaker has issues tripping, check the appliances related to that breaker.


If you need help inspecting your breaker if it keeps tripping, feel free to contact us for a free estimate!