Picking the right Ceiling Fan

By Zach Shaw, Zebra Electric Inc

So many ceiling fans!!! So which one is right for you??? Well, I may not know your style or your home decor to pick the fan that is visually appealing to you. However, I can help you decide what type of fan that is right for you. (and size).

Here are the types of ceiling fans to choose from:

Standard fans mount on flat or sloped ceilings. They do not come with a light fixture.  These fans are great for an average height for a room.

Here is a general guideline:

9 foot height: 3 -6 inch mounting rod

10 foot Height: 12 inch mounting rod                                                  59271


11 foot height: 18 inch mounting rod

12 foot height: 24 inch mounting rod

13 foot height: 36 inch mounting rod


The size of fan blades depends on the square footage of the room.

Under 144 square foot:  under 42”

144-225 square foot: 44-50”

225-400 square foot: 50” +

Over 400 square foot+ over 62”


****If you have a low ceiling (8 foot), use can install a Low profile fan, also known as hugger ceiling fans.


Some other types of fans are:


Ceiling fans with a light fixture:  the most popular ceiling fans, especially for bedrooms. Light fixtures come in a wide range of different styles and sizes.


Energy Star-rated ceiling fans:  feature energy-efficient motors and aerodynamic blades, which allow the ceiling fan to operate on less energy. These types of fans are at least 20 percent more efficient than standard ceiling fans. Energy Star fans with integrated lights are 50 percent more efficient than standard ceiling fans with lights


Remote control ceiling fans:  A ceiling fan with remote control is ideal for individuals who cannot reach the fan to make adjustments, such as a high ceiling fan in a very high ceiling. It is also great for bedrooms: you can adjust the fan without getting out of your comfy bed.

Outdoor fans: Great for screened porches and the like. They have moisture-resistant motor housings and all-weather blades which prevents warping.  They are different outdoor ceiling fans, depending on how wet your fan might become as well as what harsh weather it must endure.

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